Bars in Addis Ababa

A vibrant nightlife scene

Welcome to Addis Ababa, the vibrant capital city of Ethiopia. If you’re searching for a remarkable nightlife experience, look no further than the rooftop bars that grace the city’s skyline. In this comprehensive guide, we present a selection of top-notch rooftop bars in Addis Ababa that offer stunning views, delicious cocktails, and a lively ambiance. Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening, a lively gathering with friends, or a memorable celebration, these rooftop bars will elevate your experience and leave you with lasting memories.

a vibrant nightlife scene

heritage of Addis Ababa’s people.

Socializing and Nightlife

  • Explore the vibrant bar culture of Addis Ababa, where locals and visitors come together to unwind and enjoy the city’s pulsating energy.

Discover Addis Ababa’s Essence

Ethiopian Craft Beers

Indulge in the emerging craft beer scene in Addis Ababa. Experience the flavors of locally brewed beers, which often showcase traditional Ethiopian ingredients and brewing techniques.

Outdoor and Wellness Experiences

In recent years, Addis Ababa has witnessed a growing trend towards outdoor and wellness activities. This section will guide you through the newest outdoor destinations, hiking trails, wellness retreats, and yoga studios where you can reconnect with nature and prioritize your well-being. Experience the balance between city life and rejuvenation in Addis Ababa.


Keep Exploring


Eats & Drinks

Savor delicious Ethiopian cuisine and traditional coffee in the numerous cafes and restaurants of Addis Ababa.

Romina Restaurant Bar

Brunches in Addis Ababa

Enjoy a lively night out at trendy bars and lounges offering a variety of drinks in Addis Ababa.


New Restaurant

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